Ilana Moon isIlana photo a registered acupuncturist with over 17 years as a holistic massage provider. She has created a unique style of working utilizing her background in massage and combining it with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) techniques combining massage, acupuncture and cupping all within the same session. She has found utilizing acupuncture needles in an IMS (intramuscular) style or in a classic Chinese medicine style followed up with massage, cupping or gua sha has a profound effect in moving pain, inflammation, and stress aiding the body to bring about a relaxed state of being and relieving pain whether chronic or acute.

Her most recent studies in 2016 have led her into injection therapies certified through  SAIT ( society of acupoint injection therapies), and Prolozone Ozone Injection Therapies certified through Dr Frank Shallenberger. Prolozone Injection Therapies is one of the cutting edge medicines being used to relieve chronic pain and inflammation, alleviate joint swelling and arthritis, allowing regeneration, able to help cure the body of pain amongst many other attributes. Ozone is an aid to any illness and can be put in the body as an injection, or as an insufflation to any orifice. It is anti- inflammatory, anti- microbial, antiseptic and anti- fungal. Many clients are taking advantage of ozone with acute colds and flus as a nasal insufflation as it will help reduce symptoms rapidly.Check out for more information.

She offers vitamin B12,  B complex and amino acid combo injections as an add on to any session or on its own. Great for blood building , fatigue, stress, hormone balancing and more. Ilana is a great source of knowledge in vitamin therapies, diet and  lifestyle ideas to help reduce inflammation and help increase cellular rejuvenation between sessions.

Ilana’s background in massage includes certification through the Art of Conscious Touch Bodywork, Tuina Chinese massage, AIS (Active Isolated Stretching). Hot stone massage, mobile chair massage topped up with Orthopedic assessment  techniques to identify specific muscle entrapments and pain sources.