Tricia completed her education and training at the West Coast College of Massage in Victoria, BC. This 2200 hour program gave her the foundation to help her patients alleviate stress, pain, as well as the ability to treat a number of physical conditions and disorders. Tricia has also taken continuing education courses focusing on MET (Muscle Energy Techniques), Neurodynamics, and Cervical and Upper Extremity assessment and treatment.
As a therapist, Tricia believes in treating the person as a whole. She enjoys getting to know her patients and giving them the highest level of care during their treatment. Tricia likes to use an assortment of techniques during my treatments, with the focus being on her patients needs and goals. Some techniques Tricia uses include: Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release Techniques (MFR), and Muscle Energy Tenchiques (MET). Tricia welcomes the opportunity to continue to grow as a Massage Therapist and believes that a patient-centred, multidisciplinary approach is the best form of care that can be provided. Currently, Tricia’s focus is towards the Biopsychosocial (BPS) approach to health care and will be furthering her education in this area.
If you are walking around Victoria, you may find Tricia in her spare time at the gym, jogging along the Songhees, or with her nose buried in a book at a coffee shop.