I started my career in massage therapy in 2006 after graduating in Victoria from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. I was drawn to this profession because of my life long love of sport. Play has always been one of the most enjoyable and hence, one of the most important things in my life. I wanted to make sure I could stay fit and healthy for all my sport and adventure. What better way to do this than pursue a career in this amazing profession and learn more about the miraculous workings of the human body.

I started out focusing my practice on athletes and sport massage. Although this is still part of my practice, it has become less of a focus. As I evolved as a therapist I became more interested in pain and how it works, the neurophysiology of pain. The amount of information on this subject out there is staggering, but I bravely dove down the rabbit hole and learned all I could about pain. In fact, this is ongoing and I’m still learning. This has led to a paradigm shift, an epiphany if you will, in how I think and feel about pain, and consequently how I treat patients with pain.

With this in mind, my goals for treatment have become clearly defined. The patient’s comfort is always paramount. I provide a safe and calming environment. I listen attentively to each individual’s story without judgment. I use a variety of techniques to try to decrease any perceived threat to the nervous system and utilize science-based best practices to treat the neurophysiology of pain. Although pain is never a goal of treatment, my patients always leave feeling like they’ve been worked, without feeling like they’ve been beat up.

When I’m not treating patients, I can be found playing with my two young boys (aka the two terrors), and hanging out with my beautiful wife. And when the universe allows it, I will be out running, mountain biking, and playing basketball.

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